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Workers Compensation Referral Program

Crosner Legal is a trusted referral partner for workers compensation attorneys and law firms. We take a uniquely proactive approach with our workers comp referral partners in order to quickly establish a consistent and long-standing revenue stream for them.

An On-Going Revenue Stream For Your Firm

Unlike other law firms, we spend time training our workers comp referral partners and their staff on how to identify unpaid wage and other Labor Code violations. Moreover, we provide all the blueprints necessary for workers comp firms to build out an entirely new revenue stream within a few weeks to a few months. For example, in 2019 we began working with a workers compensation law firm that resulted in over 40 wage and hour class/representative actions within less than 6 months.

Nearly Every Referral is a 6-Figure to 7-Figure Case

Our typical settlement amount in a wage and hour class/representative action ranges between the hundreds of thousands to multi-millions. For this reason, wage and hour referrals truly can be a substantial revenue stream for workers compensation firms. You can view a partial list of our recent settlements here:

We Have The Resources & Expertise

With a staff of 7 full time attorneys, all with over 9 years of litigation experience under their belt, we have the resources and litigators necessary to handle significant volume and prosecute all sizes and types of wage and hour class/representative actions. Notably, our lawyers are spread out throughout both Southern and Northern California allowing us to efficiently handle cases in all area regions and counties in California. We actively litigate cases in every jurisdiction in California.

We Will Cross-Refer Workers Comp Cases Via Our Firm’s Marketing Efforts

Notably, our firm also maintains both in-house and outsourced digital marketing teams. As a result of our marketing efforts and sizeable digital marketing budget, we regularly and consistently receive prospective workers compensation cases which we refer to our workers comp partner firms.

We Always Adhere To State Bar Ethics Guidelines

We take California’s attorney ethics guidelines very seriously. We will execute a separate referral fee agreement with you on every case and provide full disclosure and authorization of said referral fees from all referral clients. Crosner Legal will always honor and promptly pay attorney referral fees immediately upon settlement or conclusion of any case.

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