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Rental Credit Wage Laws – Property Managers

QUESTION PRESENTED: (1) Whether a property management company is allowed to compensate a property manager and/or maintenance personnel with rental credit instead of wages, in spite of substantial hours worked, minimum wage hours and lack of an agreement that provides for such compensation? (2) Is Brock v. Carrion, the case on point, overruled by Von Nothdurft v. Steck? If so, on what grounds. If not, what does this case stand for and has it been overruled? BRIEF ANSWER: Probably not, in regards to both questions. The court will likely find that the property management company cannot offset the wages. In […]

Sleep Time Pay vs On Call Pay

Question Under California or Federal law, are employees entitled to compensation for “sleep time,” although they worked 24 hour shifts, are on­ call, and are still under the employer’s control? Brief Answer Probably yes. California and federal laws state that employees should be compensated for all hours worked with no exclusions. If a shift includes 24 hours, but this does not include “on call hours,” but instead is a required amount of time worked. During this period, the employee likely could not leave their work place and was not allowed to partake in personal activities such as engaging with family. Therefore, due to the extensive oversight […]

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