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Blossom G.

This is definitely the law firm to go to when you feel like you have been wronged by your employer. I had recently just moved to California and started working at a place where I was not being treated right by my employer and they were not following the California Labor Laws. I decided to quit and sue. I did not have any money and didn’t even know how much lawyers costs. As I was searching online, I came across Crosner Legal. When I first called, I was all terrified because I never sued anyone before but I called and this lawyer Zach picked up the phone and I told him my story. After listening to my case, he took my case and the best part about this was that I did not have to pay him anything. You don’t even have to live or work in LA (but in Cali) for them to represent you. Everything ended up working out great. The company gave me a settlement, and I would have not received this without Crosner Legal. I would definitely recommend coming here if you feel like you have been wronged because trust me…it’s worth it.


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