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Slip and Fall Lawyers

The Los Angeles Slip & Fall Lawyers of Crosner legal take all of our slip/trip and fall cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning our clients pay no legal fees until a successful settlement/verdict is achieved.

Slip and fall lawsuits are a very specialized area of personal injury law that should only be handled by those with an expertise in the complex nature of these case. Los Angeles Slip and Fall lawyers Michael Crosner, Zach Crosner and Bruce Levenson have aggressively and successfully represented hundreds of trip and fall injured victims, and have succesfully recovered a multitude of 6 Figure Awards for victims against individuals, corporations, and municipalities. Our team of trial lawyers are not afraid to litigate difficult cases, and will advance whatever legal costs are necessary to achieve justice. We can assist you in obtaining medical care without health insurance, and a rental vehicle if your automobile is disabled.

The Los Angeles Slip and Fall Lawyers of Crosner Legal have and continue to represent slip and fall victims in all areas of Los Angeles and throughout California. We, or our well qualified bilingual investigators, will gladly meet with any new clients at their residence, place of employment, or other convenient location. If needed, transportation to our office will be provided.

What is a Slip & Fall Injury?

Few individuals understand the legal term “slip and fall injuries.” Many victims of slip and fall accidents not only do not comprehend the meaning of the legal term “slip and fall injuries,” but also do not even realize they can file slip and fall lawsuits against the parties that were negligent. Anyone can have a slip and fall accident, therefore a complete understanding of what this legal term means and implies does need to be understood. What exactly is a slip and fall injury? When a person falls down, slips, or trips due to the negligence of another individual or business, a slip and fall injury has occurred. A Slip and fall accident can happen while walking on a slippery floor containing spilled liquids or tripping on a faulty sidewalk. However, a fall that occurs in a valid slip and fall accident case must be due to the negligence of someone else. According to California Premises Liability law, anyone who owns or is legally responsible for a residence, business or governmental property is legally accountable for any injuries that occur on said property due to negligence or faulty construction. (Faulty construction is a form of gross negligence.) Crosner Legal, P.C. slip and fall accident lawyers have the necessary expertise to relentlessly fight for clients who wish to receive compensatory monetary damages by filing slip and fall lawsuits.

Common Causes of Slip & Fall Injuries

  • Slippery or uneven sidewalks, cobblestones, or pavement
  • Potholes
  • Steeply sloping driveways
  • Slippery floor surfaces or floor coverings
  • Oil, grease, water, liquids, or food on the floor
  • Uneven stairs or inadequate stair rails
  • Blocked store aisles
  • Bridge construction hazards, including falling debris
  • Unsafe balconies or railings
  • Poor lighting

Why Do You Need An Experienced Slip & Fall Attorney?

First, you are up against insurance companies on your slip and fall injuries. They would normally keep a large portion of the insurance coverage to themselves. For slip and fall injuries victims, only a small percentage is given. Los Angeles slip and fall lawyers therefore can make sure that you can obtain the maximum value of the damages from them. A slip and fall accident lawyer can guide you as to what evidence to get and what information to reveal to the insurance companies. When you or someone you know has experienced slip and fall injuries, make sure that you can immediately communicate with the slip and fall accident lawyers of Crosner Legal, P.C. All details are in the Contact Us page. You can also opt to fill out the free evaluation form. It is ideal to have your slip and fall injuries assessed right after the accident. This way, you can give more accurate information to your slip and fall lawyers. Individuals who have had slip and fall injuries need to be legally represented by an experienced Los Angeles slip and fall lawyer. Insurance companies do not sufficiently compensate victims of slip and fall injuries, so an insurance claim is not a reasonable solution. Professional Los Angeles slip and fall accident lawyers help their clients to obtain fair compensation for slip and fall injuries, because California slip and fall lawyers have valuable experience in the personal injury field If you or someone you know has been injured and requires an experienced slip and fall injury lawyer in Los Angeles or Southern California, Fill out our case evaluation form or call 1-877-959-5538 Discover why the Los Angeles Slip and Fall Lawyers of Crosner Legal have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of their clients.

Who Can You Sue In A Slip & Fall Case?

There is a common belief that if an individual is injured on the property of another the owner or manager of that property is automatically responsible. This is absolutely not the law in California. Injured parties must prove negligence – that owner or manager of property knew of the dangerous condition or should have known of the dangerous condition and that the condition in fact caused his or her fall and injury.

How To Win A Slip & Fall Case

An excess of 80 percent of slip and fall cases that are tried in a court of law are won by the insurance company defense. These cases require prompt and extensive investigation and should only be handled by an attorney extremely knowledgeable in slip and fall claims. It is pertinent that all critical evidence be preserved, including: photographs, video security tapes and accident reports, and identification of all key witnesses. Most of these cases are not settled short of a lawsuit because the defense insurance companies in these cases firmly believe that they can win every one of them. The only way slip and fall lawsuits can be won by the plaintiff is if they have the ability to prove to the defense that they can win the case. This is done by a variety of methods – one must obtain all of the documents that the stores possess, such as manuals, safety manuals, instructions on cleaning, sweep sheets (documents that are maintained or should be maintained by most large stores displaying the hourly cleaning and maintenance records of the retail store. These hourly cleaning records of the stores are often the keys to winning these cases. Another extremely important item in winning slip and fall lawsuits is convincing the jury that you have the financial backing and the knowledge to obtain a highly qualified expert to testify on behalf of the injured party. These experts should be certified accident reconstruction engineers who can testify regarding what is required in the community in order that there be safety for patrons such as the injured party on the property. These cases are extremely complex and the slip and fall attorneys at Crosner Legal have had tremendous success overcoming the 80% normal loss in these cases.

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