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Pro Bono

Unemployment Benefits Program

100% free legal aid in obtaining and maintaining unemployment benefits.

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Crosner Legal’s Pro Bono Unemployment Program (“PBUP”)

As a public interest law firm, we feel it is our professional duty to positively impact the communities that surround us. Through the representation of thousands of employees in our private practice, we noticed a lack of available options for individuals to obtain legal advice and assistance relating to unemployment benefits.

It may come as no surprise that one of the most vulnerable times for an individual is when their employment has abruptly ended. Typical bills, rent and other essential costs for maintaining one’s livelihood can quickly mount, especially for low-income individuals, and can cause significant financial and emotional hardship. This issue has become near and dear to the hearts of a majority of Americans in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

We firmly believe that the faster a low-income former employee can obtain unemployment benefits, the better the odds he or she will be able to alleviate the financial and emotional pressures and ultimately get back on their feet. It is our mission to provide the necessary legal support for lower-income individuals to obtain and maintain unemployment benefits during this period of hardship.

What is it?

Crosner Legal has dedicated 100% of its pro bono resources to helping low-income individuals with unemployment benefits. This is a full-time legal aid department more akin to another area of practice for our firm. Our Pro Bono Unemployment Program (“PBUP”) consists of administrative staff knowledgeable in employment law and attorneys experienced in unemployment benefits applications and hearings.

How does it work?

Any individual may reach out to us by calling our dedicated PBUP hotline, by live chat or by online submission. We also work with non-profits, legal clinics, and private attorneys to set up dedicated lines of communication for their current clients who may need unemployment benefits assistance. Following a few basic qualifying questions, individuals in need may schedule a free, confidential consultation with one of our unemployment benefits attorneys and/or knowledgeable administrative staff members. Our attorneys and staff will continue to consult, work with, and otherwise provide legal aid to help individuals obtain and maintain EDD benefits.

Who qualifies for legal aid in the PBUP?

While there is no hard and fast criteria, we do our best to focus our resources on assisting lower-income individuals in need of unemployment benefits. We typically prioritize hourly-paid, non-exempt, and blue-collar former employees over individuals who were employed with higher-paying, salaried positions.

Our staff is capable of representing non-English speakers, including but not limited to Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, and Arabic.

What type of pro bono legal assistance do you offer?

Our unemployment legal assistance includes the following:

  • Helping fill out EDD forms accurately;
  • Advising on the collection of supporting documentation
  • Consulting on benefits continuation and appeals processes
  • Preparation for hearings
  • Many other facets of the EDD process.

In light of the fact that we are providing these free legal services to individuals in every county in California, our attorneys and administrative staff are unable to actually attend unemployment hearings and/or appeals hearings.

Is it really free?

Yes. Any legal aid to assist low-income individuals in obtaining, maintaining or appealing unemployment benefits is completely free of any charge.

How is the PBUP funded?

It is completely funded by Crosner Legal’s private practice.

How do I get in touch?

For more information on how you can work with us or obtain a free consultation for yourself or your client(s), please fill out the online submission form or the pop up on this website, or you can directly call us at (877) 555-5555.

Self-Help Resources

If you are looking for additional information about EDD benefits, we urge to read through our related blog posts below, as well as reviewing the EDD’s website:

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