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Legal Alert: Patient Info Compromised. Possible Identity Theft.

Patients of MEDNAX

Anyone with a Notice of Data Security could be eligible for compensation.

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Mednax Data Breach

MEDNAX and all its associated providers were recently hacked. Patient info was compromised, including financialmedical, and private records.

Anyone with a Notice of Data Security could be eligible for compensation.

More than a million patients’ information was exposed this year when a hacker gained access to Mednax business email accounts.

Five Things To Know About The Mednax Data Breach:

  1. The company sent a letter to affected individuals Dec. 16 about the breach, which took place June 17-22. The hackers gained access to multiple Microsoft Office 365-hosted Mednax business email accounts.
  2. The email accounts were separate from Mednax’s internal network and systems, which remained unaffected. The information contained in the breached email accounts included patient names, addresses, birth dates and Social Security numbers.
  3. Financial information such as health insurance and billing claims information was included in the breached emails as well.
  4. There were 1,290,670 individuals affected by the breach, according to HHS.
  5. The company said there is no evidence hackers misused the breached information.

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