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100% Free Legal Help With EDD Claims

Questions About Unemployment Benefits?

Submit your EDD benefits question and our law firm's pro bono legal team will do our best to provide you with assistance.

Get answers to your unemployment benefits questions from our pro bono EDD department

As an employment law firm who exclusively represents employees and independent contractors, we feel it is our professional duty to help individuals who have lost their jobs to get back on their feet. It is our mission to provide the necessary legal support for lower-income individuals to obtain and maintain unemployment benefits during this period of hardship.

How does it work?

Upon filling out our online form, your unemployment benefits question has been sent to our pro bono unemployment benefits legal department. Our pro bono team will reach out to you via text message or email with an answer or response to your inquiry if they feel they can reasonably provide assistance.

Who qualifies for legal aid in the PBUP?

We do our best to focus our resources on assisting lower-income individuals in need of unemployment benefits. We typically prioritize hourly-paid, non-exempt, and blue-collar former employees over individuals who were employed with higher-paying, salaried positions.

Our staff is capable of representing non-English speakers, including but not limited to Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, and Arabic.

What type of pro bono legal assistance do you offer?

Our unemployment legal assistance includes the following:

  • Advice on how to properly and accurately fill out EDD forms
  • Advising on the collection of supporting documentation
  • Consulting on benefits continuation and appeals processes
  • Preparation for hearings
  • Many other facets of the EDD process

In light of the fact that we are providing these free legal services to individuals in every county in California, our attorneys and administrative staff are unable to actually attend unemployment hearings and/or appeals hearings. We also do not fill out/complete EDD applications or related forms for individuals, but rather consult with them on best practices.

Please understand that no attorney-client relationship has already or will in the future be formed between you and our law office (Crosner Legal, P.C.) at this time.

Is it really free?

Yes. Any legal aid to assist low-income individuals in obtaining, maintaining or appealing unemployment benefits is completely free of any charge.

Will I always receive a response?

The short answer is no. Please also understand that our unemployment assistance is entirety pro bono (free of any charge) and privately funded by Crosner Legal. As a result, we have limited resources and are unable to respond to every inquiry.

If you do not receive a response from us within 48 hours, we highly recommend you attempt to contact the EDD directly with your inquiries, or you may also try any of the below resources. We have also emailed you a copy of our Do-It-Yourself Guide to Unemployment Benefits & COVID-19 Guide that our law firm created., which are intended as general information only and not specific advice.

How is the PBUP funded?

It is completely funded by Crosner Legal’s private practice.

To learn more about how to apply for unemployment benefits in California, read this article by our firm:

Request a Free Q & A with our Pro Bono EDD Department

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Warehouse worker alleged minimum wage, overtime, meal and rest break violations in a class action against her employer, a large agricultural manufacturer, distributor and retailer. Plaintiff and defendant have agreed to a class settlement of $4.1 million.

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