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HP Printer Error Message Code

By on October 27, 2016

On Tuesday, September 13th, 2016, many Hewlett-Packard (HP) consumers who used non-HP, private label ink cartridges found that their printer displayed an error instructing the ink cartridges must be replaced.  Thousands of HP printers around the world started to show the error message, “One or more cartridges appear to be damaged. Remove them and replace them with new cartridges“.

The error was not a coincidence, but rather a pre-program act by HP in several different printer models.  Programmers found that in a firmwire update, the pre-programmed failure was installed.

HP responded to complaints today after the news of it’s pre-programmed failure went viral.  HP admitted to the firmware update and the subsequent pre-programmed failure message, but defended its actions stating the reason was to “protect the printers and to protect the communication between the cartridge and the printer”.

HP confirmed this was intentional to the Dutch public broadcasting station ‘NOS’.  “HP printers reject non-HP cartridges in several cases. This is protect innovation and intellectual property, but also to improve the safety of products for customers” , HP told the NOS in a statement. HP also added that, “the company indeed made changes to the software of several printer types”.

The changes are made according to HP, “to protect the printers and to protect the communication between the cartridge and the printer.”

“Affected printers will continue to work with refilled cartridges if they contain the original HP security chip. Other cartridges possibly don’t work”, HP added.

If you own an HP printer or any other device with a similar issue, please contact us at Crosner Legal, P.C. immediately for a Free Consultation.


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