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How do background checks work?

By on August 6, 2019

Employers want to hire the least-risky candidates i.e., candidates with favorable criminal, civil, and credit histories. Employers go as far as checking the social media accounts of prospective employees just to see if they can find evidence that suggests they aren’t good employees. Some may conduct background checks internally or hire companies to conduct the checks on their behalf. Most of these companies take background checks, further uncovering information unlawfully. 

Background checks are supposed to be conducted lawfully in accordance with FCRA guidelines. As mentioned above, background checks must be authorized by the subject. They should also withhold information such as a person’s medical information and refrain from using background check information like race, religion, genetics, age, sex, national origin, etc. to discriminate candidates. [1] There are protections to ensure background checks aren’t conducted illegally or misused; however; some employers don’t follow the rules. When background checks are conducted “by the book,” they serve the interest of all parties perfectly. 

Are background checks accurate? 

Information present in background checks can vary in regards to accuracy. There are many cheap consumer services today that yield inaccurate results. Accuracy is, therefore determined by the resource used to come up with the information. As mentioned above, background check errors can also occur because of inaccurate legal reports filed in courts or because of normal court delays. To improve accuracy, you can run your own background check to see if the information you gather is accurate. 


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