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Food Poisoning Lawsuits

By on October 27, 2016

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) estimates that there are almost 50 million cases of food poisoning yearly and approximately 325,000 hospitalization. While many people recover in a few days the CDC estimates that there 5,200 deaths across the country in more vulnerable groups.

Food poisoning lawsuits have come to the forefront, most notably with the E. Coli outbreak at Chipotle in late 2015 that sickened over forty people in different areas of the country. While E. Coli is one of the frequent causes of food poisoning, some restaurants are facing suits for more serious diseases. In Hawaii, for example, Genki Sushi faces a lawsuit for serving undercooked scallops in June 2016 and infecting almost two-hundred people with Hepatitis A, a debilitating illness that can take up to a year to recover from.

Even though it is sometimes difficult to determine the cause of an outbreak of food poisoning, some of the common causes include sick employees, improperly prepared food, or improperly handled food. Regardless of the cause, these class action suits prove valuable to protect consumers from future negligence on behalf of restaurants and food manufacturers and can serve to effect change, ensuring that food preparers adhere to the national and local food safety laws.

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