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How to apply for unemployment benefits in California in 4 steps

By on June 21, 2019

Step 1: Evaluate whether you meet the criteria to apply You must satisfy three initial requirements to qualify for unemployment insurance benefits. However, if you are uncertain whether you meet the necessary requirements, it is strongly recommended to apply for benefits and let the EDD make an official decision. Satisfactory Immigration Status: Benefits can be collected by any United States citizens, workers with valid sorts of work authorization and green card holders. When you file your claim, you must have evidence to prove that you legally inhabit in the United States and are authorized to work here. Workers without complete […]

How long do unemployment benefits last in California?

By on June 21, 2019

An unemployment benefits claim is effective for one year. During the year, claimants can receive from 12-26 weeks of full benefits. The number of weeks varies, based on total earnings during the base period (an individual’s earnings during a 12-month period). Once you finish your benefits i.e. after 26, you may no longer collect any unemployment benefits until the benefits year has completely transpired, which is typically 52 weeks after the time of your first benefits claim was filed. However, you are permitted to file a second claim for additional benefits following the completion of your 52 week benefits year […]

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