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How To Prepare For A Labor Board Hearing

Notice of Hearing If your case is not dismissed or settled, within approximately six weeks prior to your hearing, the Labor Commissioner will send a “Notice of Hearing” to you and to your employer. The Notice will provide the time and place of your hearing and the name of the hearing officer (i.e. similar to an administrative judge). You may attempt to reschedule the date and time of your hearing by contacting the hearing officer, but they are under no obligation to do so.  Preparing For The Hearing The hearing is similar to an informal trial, almost like a small […]

How To Fill Out The Labor Board Initial Report

The Initial Report or Claim is the document which initiates the case with the Labor Commissioner’s Office. You may download the Initial Report or Claim here:, or pick up a copy from your local Labor Commissioner’s Office.  You want to try to provide as much information as possible that is being requested, and to the best of your ability. As an example, if you do know the exact date of your termination or the exact date range of when you were employed by the company, you should still fill in your closest approximation to those dates. If a certain […]

The Labor Board Pre-Trial Hearing: Everything You Need To Know

Pre-Trial Hearing & Notice of Claim and Conference Typically the Deputy Labor Commissioner handling your claim will set up an informal meeting between the parties following the filing of the Initial Report or Claim. You generally may find the Deputy Labor Commissioner’s contact information on the Notice of Claim and Conference form that is sent to you and your employer prior to the informal hearing. The Notice that you will receive by mail will also include the date you filed your Initial Report or Claim and the date for the informal hearing, otherwise known as the “Pre-Hearing Conference.” The employee […]

Legal Guide to California Labor Board Laws in 2019

The California Labor Board accepts employee claim on a myriad of issues, but generally speaking these claims fall into three categories:  Unpaid Wages Retaliation Equal Pay Act Violations Labor Board claims most commonly involve wage and hour issues. As stated, the Labor Board will also handle claims relating to certain types of wrongful termination, specifically retaliation claims, as well as claims based on Equal Pay Act violations. Most Common Labor Board Claims The most common claims that are brought in the Labor Board generally pertain to unpaid wages, including but not limited to the following: Employer’s failure to pay for […]

EEOC Complaints: The 2019 Legal Guide

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is a federal agency composed of five members, each of whom is appointed for a five-year term by the President. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is required to monitor compliance with and enforce Title VII and the Americans with Disabilities Act, two of the principal federal civil rights laws. To administer its responsibilities, persons alleging that an employer, an employment agency, or a labor organization has engaged in an unlawful employment practice file with the office. Form and Service of Charges:  In most cases, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is extremely open-minded in accepting charges. […]

How to File a California Labor Board Complaint: 2019 Guide

What is the California Labor Board? The California Labor Commissioner’s office, otherwise known as the Division of Labor Standards (“DLSE”) or the “Labor Board” receives individuals employee complaints regarding unpaid wages and also retaliation at the workplace and attempts to settle these claims through both an investigation and hearing. Should I file a complaint with the Labor Board or in Small Claims court? The Labor Board is generally a superior forum for an unpaid wages case than small claims court for several reasons. First, the Labor Commissioner’s Office generally has significantly more experience in handling unpaid wages claims and therefore […]

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