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Crosner Legal is currently handling or participating in the class/collective actions or PAGA representative action cases identified below. If you are interested in making a claim against a company listed below, click on the company name for more information and to see if you are eligible.

If the company you are seeking to make a claim against is not listed below, or you are not eligible for the specific action listed, please contact us or complete the Free Consultation form to the right, and we will evaluate your potential claim at no charge to see if we can assist you.

You can also view a list of some recently settled cases by our firm below.

Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.
Recently Settled Class Actions/Representative Actions
Donning & Duffing
Background Check
Overtime (FLSA)
Meal & Rest Breaks
Donning & Duffing
Overtime (FLSA)
Overtime (FLSA)
Wage Statements & Minmum Wage/Overtime
Meal & Rest Periods
Wage Statement Violations
Wage Statements & Overtime
Current Case Pending
Off-The-Clock Work
Failure to Provide Accurate Wage Statements
Disability Discrimination & Exempt Employee Misclassification
Failure To Pay Overtime; Wage Statement Violations
Wage Violations, Failure to Reimburse
Primary Allegations
Independent Contractor Misclassification; Wage Violations

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