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Class Action Active Litigation

Crosner Legal is a law firm ​which handles​ multi-plaintiff cases. We are currently handling the class​ actions, ​collective ​actions, and representative ​PAGA action​ cases identified below. If you are interested in making a claim against a company listed below, click on the company name for more information and to see if you are eligible.

If the company you are seeking to make a claim against is not listed below, or you are not eligible for the specific action listed, please contact us or complete the Free Consultation form to the right, and we will evaluate your potential claim at no charge to see if we can assist you.​

Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

Ocean Cities Pizza (April 2016)

A non-exempt employee of a California-wide pizza franchisee filed a PAGA representative action on behalf of himself and all similarly situated aggrieved employees for denial of meal and rest breaks in compliance with California labor laws. This case is currently awaiting preliminary approval by the court.

Agricultural Warehouse (January 2016)

Warehouse worker alleged minimum wage, overtime, meal and rest break violations in a class action against her employer, a large agricultural manufacturer, distributor and retailer. Plaintiff and defendant have agreed to a class settlement of $4.1 million.

Food Delivery App (March 2016)

Employee salesperson filed a California class action against a food delivery service for overtime violations. Employee’s primary allegation is that employer failed to include her bonus/commission payments into the regular rate of pay for calculating overtime payments and also owed former employees waiting time penalties as a result thereof. Plaintiff and defendant have agreed to a class settlement of $200,000. The settlement is now awaiting preliminary approval by the court.

Home Delivery Link (April 2016)

Employee delivery driver filed a private attorney general act action against a nation-wide trucking and delivery corporation for minimum wage, overtime, meal and break, record and related labor code violations. Employee alleges that he, along with similarly situated delivery drivers, were misclassified as independent contractors and as a result of employer’s willful misclassification employee is owed the above-mentioned wages. This case is awaiting approval by the Superior Court.

Medical Supply Delivery Company (January 2016)

Driver employee filed a California class action against a nation-wide medical equipment supplier for meal break, rest break, minimum wage, overtime and records violations. Employee alleged that he, along with similarly situated aggrieved employees, were subjected to a meal break auto deduction policy despite not being permitted to take first and/or second meal breaks resulting in the above mentioned violations.Lead class counsel in this case is Righetti Glugoski. Case is currently awaiting final approval for a $1.2 million dollar settlement.

Luxottica Group - Sunglass Hut (February 2015)

Employee salesperson filed a class action lawsuit against Sunglass Hut and its parent corporation for overtime violations due to its failure to include commission payments into its regular rate of pay when calculating overtime pay. Upon further discovery, employer produced evidence that it did in fact pay employees the increased overtime rate of pay; however, they failed to include this rate of pay on employees’ wage statements. As a result, employees maintained a wage statement violation that was settled for $1.9 million. Lead class counsel was Righetti Glugoski.

Advanced Call Center Technologies (January 2015)

Customer service representative alleged minimum wage and overtime violations against a nationwide call center corporation for its failure to properly compensate them for time spent working off-the-clock while booting up and shutting down their computers and relating programs on a daily basis. Case settled for $2.45 million.

Student Bullying Injury (January 2015)

Student bullying causes student to lose vision in one eye due to school’s negligent supervision and security. This case was handled by Michael Crosner and Bruce Levenson respective firms prior to joining Crosner Legal as of counsel.

Motorcycle Wrongful Death Lawsuit (June 2015)

Wrongful death lawsuit brought on behalf of the deceased passenger’s family alleging the collision was recklessly caused by the defendant motorist.

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