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Class Action Active Litigation

Crosner Legal is a law firm ​which handles​ multi-plaintiff cases. We are currently handling the class​ actions, ​collective ​actions, and representative ​PAGA action​ cases identified below. If you are interested in making a claim against a company listed below, click on the company name for more information and to see if you are eligible.

If the company you are seeking to make a claim against is not listed below, or you are not eligible for the specific action listed, please contact us or complete the Free Consultation form to the right, and we will evaluate your potential claim at no charge to see if we can assist you.​

Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

Warehouse Workers (2018)

A settlement was reached on behalf of warehouse workers. Plaintiff’s primary allegation was that he, and the similarly situated employees, were not adequately compensated for all hours worked based on a rounding of the time clock and 30 minute auto-deductions for their meal periods, resulting in minimum wage and overtime violations.

Event Merchandisers (2018)

A settlement was reached on behalf of event merchandisers who were paid primarily on a commission basis. It was alleged that they were not compensated properly for non-commission activities, as well as not provided compliant meal and rest breaks, among other alleged violations.

Courier Drivers (2018)

A settlement was reached in a class action lawsuit based primarily on plaintiff’s allegation that he and the similarly situated aggrieved employees were underpaid their mileage reimbursement.

Parking Lot Attendants (2018)

A settlement was reached on behalf of parking lot attendants. It was alleged that they were not properly provided first and second meal periods, and certain rest breaks, as well as underpaid as a result of off-the-clock work.

Car Dealership (2018)

Car Dealership (2018)

A settlement was reached on behalf of car salespersons who were paid on a commission basis without being compensated for non-piece rate activities.

Retail Cellular Phone Sales Employees (2018)

A settlement was reached on behalf of retail sales employees who worked at retail stores for a major cellular phone franchisor throughout California. Plaintiffs alleged that they, and the similarly situated employees, were forced to work off the clock, were not paid overtime properly due to the company’s failure to incorporate non-discretionary pay into the overtime premium, and were not reimbursed for business expenses, among other claims.

Flooring Installers (2018)

A settlement was reached on behalf of flooring installers who were paid on a piece rate basis without being comepensated for non-piece rate activities.

Traveling/Staffing Nurse Agency (2018)

Class settlement was reached in this case wherein plaintiff had alleged that she along with similarly situated employees were not paid minimum wage and overtime for all hours worked. Plaintiff and most other employees were compensated on a piece rate basis that failed to separately pay an hourly rate for non-piece rate job duties.

Security Guard Agency (2018)

A settlement was reached on behalf of security guards who were placed through a staffing agency at various locations. Plaintiff alleged, among other violations, that they were not provided with off-duty rest periods and meal periods, and were not provided a one-hour premium.

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