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Pregnancy Discrimination

Case: Factory Worker
The Verdict: Pregnancy Discrimination (Pregnancy Discrimination )
Case Type/Status:
Case Synopsis:

Employee factory worker alleged wrongful termination as a result of her protected status as a pregnant female against a worldwide electronics and wireless service corporation and her temporary staffing agency. Employee had a scheduled appointment with her physician that was pre-approved by Employer. At said appointment, Complainant’s physician informed her that she was pregnant and provided her with medical certification via a physician’s note which included work restrictions/accommodations incl no lifting/pulling over twenty pounds. The next day, employee provided said medical certification/physician’s note to her supervisor who immediately informed her that Employer did not offer light duty/work restrictions and as a result instructed her that she was terminated effective immediately. Shortly thereafter, employee contacted her supervisor at her temp agency who further informed her that employer wireless service company was unwilling to accommodate her.

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