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California Consumer Class Action News Report – October 2016

By on October 20, 2016

Hertz is accused in a new class action lawsuit of charging their gold members excessive administrative fees each time their gold members go through toll booths without paying the toll.  The case is Edward Schwartz v. The Hertz Corp. in USDC Central District of California.

Westlaw is facing a subscription auto-renewal lawsuit from plaintiff Pamela Tsao, alleging that West Publishing, who owns Westlaw, included an automatic renewal provision in her one year contract that was not set forth in an obvious manner and failed to communicate the appropriate information for clients to cancel their subscription.  The case is Tsao v. West Publishing in USDC Central District of California.

The EpiPen pricing scandal has put Mylan Pharmaceuticals in the defendant’s seat for multiple class actions. But this class action lawsuit by Plaintiff Kimberly Corcoran alleges that the cost of production and profits to justify increasing the price by 400 to 500 percent.  The case is Corcoran v. Mylan Pharmaceuticals in USDC Northern District of California.

Comcast allegedly invented fees for broadcast and sports channels from its advertised rates that came to represent 15 percent of its revenue by charging customers for misrepresented fees. The case is Adkins v. Comcast Corporation in USDC Northern District of California.

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