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Impact Litigation

We advocate on behalf of underrepresented individuals, groups and causes. Our mission is to increase awareness and effect systemic change for the advance of public interest rights.

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The Relentless Pursuit of Justice.

Crosner Legal began as an employee rights law firm. While we continue to advocate on behalf of employees, our practice has grown to incorporate a broad range of class actions and impact litigation, including housing discrimination, consumer fraud, predatory lending, environmental protection, catastrophic and mass tort injuries, disability rights issues, among other areas. We also represent and work closely with advocacy, non-profit and other public interest organizations in transactional and litigation matters. Our diverse partnerships with these advocates and organizations is fundamental in making a difference in the lives of those in need in our community.

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Recent Awards

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January 2016

Warehouse worker alleged minimum wage, overtime, meal and rest break violations in a class action against her employer, a large agricultural manufacturer, distributor and retailer. Plaintiff and defendant have agreed to a class settlement of $4.1 million.


A non-exempt employee of a California-wide pizza franchisee filed a PAGA representative action on behalf of himself and all similarly situated aggrieved employees for denial of meal and rest breaks in compliance with California labor laws. This case is currently awaiting preliminary approval by the court.


Non-exempt truck drivers filed a California class action against their employer for, among other violations, failure to provide proper meal and rest periods, as well as off-the-clock work resulting from a piece rate pay practice that did not compensate for all hours worked. Plaintiff and Defendant have agreed to a class settlement of $500,000 which has been approved by the Court.

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For the convenience of our clients, we have access to office facilities throughout California. We aim to make it easier for our clients to meet with us near their homes for initial case intakes and other matters. If you need transportation, we can arrange it in most matters. If you are calling for representation, we will visit you personally in your home or office, at your convenience. Please call us to find out more information about the location nearest your home.

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Public Interest and Public Advocacy.

Crosner Legal not only seeks justice on the individual level, but also works closely with policy advocacy organizations to promote legislative, regulatory change. We have and continue to assist with lobbying members of Congress, state and local legislation favorable to disenfranchised groups (or against legislation that would harm these groups, raising public awareness of injustices or environmental abuses, education community members about their rights, and working with community groups, local governments and other advocacy attorneys. We also provide support to impact litigation and class actions through amicus curiae and other means on many different issues. Lastly, our firm operates our own public interest website which informs the public on issues of concern, such as deceptive advertising, environmental injustice, class actions and other issues.

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